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The Most Comfortable

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Contour Bicycle Saddle (Bicycle Saddle)
For Road & Comfort Bicycles - also available for Exercise Bikes

Includes A Specially Designed Mounting Bracket For Use With All Bicycles!

Wider and more padding!

12" long x 16" wide*

Was $99.95  
Our Price $84.95


Did you ever wonder why a farmer can sit in a hard, stamped metal saddle with no padding, all day while he plows his fields? It's because the weight of his body is distributed over the large contoured area of the saddle.  

This simple and obvious concept was the driving force behind the Contour Saddle. The new design, with softer foam padding, has a large surface area to help relieve painful contact points. This results in a bicycle saddle that is perfect for larger riders or anyone tired of the pain caused by typical bicycle saddles.

This saddle is 6 pounds  for a big but lighter saddle, try the 12" saddle 

Please Note: This saddle does require a 7/8" topped saddlepost or exercise bike saddle adaptor for proper installation. (Call us if you need help) A saddle-integrated post clamp is included with this saddle.  
 If you need a new saddle post, let us know what size of bottom post you need to fit into your bike.

This saddle comes with a mounting bracket with a 7/8" post clamp included, however:

Optional additional extra support:
An extra support bar is available.  It's adjustable from 15 1/2" to 18 1/2" and gives extra support to the back of the saddle and is anchored on the the rear wheel axle, similar to the "banana" style saddles.
A longer support bar, adjustable from 18 1/2" to 21 1/2", is available.  
If your bicycle will accept the extra support bar, please use the extra support bar.

Contact customer service at (855) 855-1976 
for ordering extra support bar.


This saddle can also be used as an Exercise Bike Saddle.

*Please note the Contour Saddle is a full 16" wide, the widest saddle available. If you are a smaller framed person, we recommend the 11" or 12"or the Hornless Bicycle Saddle for comfort.

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

Saddle Post Options
7/8" dia.
1" dia. bottom with 7/8" top
1 1/8" dia bottom with 7/8" top 

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!


Extra Padding   $46.75
(check to add) 
Additional Gel Padding?



16" Contour Saddle
Bicycle Saddle

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See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddle Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bicycle Saddles



Use our bicycle saddles and saddle covers on your exercise bike or stationary bike, plus fits street bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, and mopeds too. 

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